Medicine wheel

Pris: 390,00 SEK
Handgjort medicinhjul. "The medicine wheel is a symbol for the teaching of balance, harmony and the brotherhood of man. Representing the circle of life, the center cross symbolizes the four winds, four directions, four elements, four seasons and the four corners of the earth. The color of each corner represents the four colours of people - red, yellow, black and white."


Pris: 400,00 SEK
Handgjord mandella med rävhuvud. "The shield of Good Luck. Hang this in your home to bring good luck, health and prosperity for everyone who lives there."

Medicine Shield

Pris: 400,00 SEK
Fin handgjord medicin sköld. "Though the traditional shield lost it´s practical purpose due to the increasing use of firearms, the native americans still believed that a shield held great power. They started making small Shields ang hung them in their logde or house to protect their home and family. Hang this in your home for protection of the ones that you love."